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Our Human Capital is the cornerstone of Laboratorio Varifarma’s success, enabling us to produce high quality goods, which, in turn, positions us among the top laboratories in Argentina.

Varifarma's working community is made up of more than 950 employees, representing the company's steady growth engine; each one of them working from their own field of specialization contributes daily to the company's overall improvement.

Nothing would ever be possible without the efforts and engagement of those who, with great professionalism and commitment, perform their daily duties with the sole purpose of providing high quality products.

A sales force for each specialization, supported by a sales management department that understands the concept of customer satisfaction, ensures the achievement of our proposed objectives.
We know that training is crucial for the development and retention of any company’s personnel, which is why Laboratorio Varifarma encourages the ongoing training of its staff.

You can be part of our company.

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