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Laboratory | Federal approvals

Federal Approvals

  • Laboratory of Medical Specialties
  • ANMAT Resolution No. 8293/10 Import and Export of Pharmaceutical Products
  • Manufacturer, Importer and Exporter of Medical Products ANMAT Resolution No. 6090/06 Record No. 923

Local Approvals

  • Approval to operate as a drugstore
    Ministry of Health of Buenos Aires Province
    File No. 2900 - 14634/95 Resolution No. 1395

LABORATORIO VARIFARMA S.A. is registered as a provider for the following government agencies (among others):

  • Public Health Administration of Argentina
  • Government of the City of Buenos Aires
  • Hospital Garraham - Buenos Aires City
  • Hospital Provincial Centenario - Rosario City
  • Hospital Posadas - Haedo - Buenos Aires Province
  • Province of Buenos Aires
  • Province of Córdoba
  • Province of Mendoza
  • Province of Río Negro
  • Province of Formosa
  • Province of Chaco
  • Province of La Pampa
  • Municipality of the Province of Córdoba
  • Municipality of Morón District
  • Municipality of San Isidro District
  • Municipality of Avellaneda District
  • Municipality of Vicente Lopez District - Buenos Aires Province
  • O.S.P.R.E.R.A. (Social insurance for Rural Workers) - Buenos Aires City