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International business

From its beginnings, VARIFARMA has conceived its international presence as a strategic objective, rooted in its pharmaceutical development and production in Argentina. In strict compliance with GMP and GLP requirements, with certification granted by the regulatory bodies of the countries where our products are sold, it was not until 2004 that the company decided to promote the international development of our products, as a first step toward the laboratory expansion.

VARIFARMA's specialization in Oncology and Transplantation has led to a solid experience in these fields, conferring Distributors and Representatives with the expertise to anticipate the needs of the Medical Staff and Patients, providing them with the most useful and updated products.

Currently, VARIFARMA has a well-established market for its products in over 15 countries in Latin America, Middle East, Eastern Europe and Asia.

VARIFARMA’s 2012-2015 Strategic Plan aims to continue to drive the company’s international expansion, as well as opening new export markets and strengthening existing ones based on the commercial development of our key products.

VARIFARMA’s commitment to quality, research and development makes it possible for the company to market its products in highly regulated markets over the medium term. In line with this strategy, the company has deployed a program to adapt all of its registration dossiers, putting them in the international CTD format.

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