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About Us

LABORATORIO VARIFARMA S.A. began operations in March 1995 with the objective of providing the pharmaceutical market with products of renowned therapeutic action.

Based on our members' extensive experience and philosophy of offering excellent quality products, we began to introduce drug products aimed at ONCOLOGY, ONCOHEMATOLOGY and TRANSPLANTATION areas.

In 2003, we strengthened our commitment by becoming exclusive distributors ofLABORATORIO PABLO CASSARÁ S.R.L. bolstering our Biotechnology line.

In May 2004, we took on the representation of OCTAPHARMA PHARMAZEUTIKA PRODUKTIONSGES MBH. for the commercialization of their exclusive line of blood products. In 2007, we were granted the exclusive representation of VIDAZA®, a CELGENE Corp. product, for Argentina, thus, completing a broad portfolio of products for oncology and hematology treatments.

In 2011, we signed an agreement with Lyomark® PHARMA, for the exclusive distribution of their somatostatin products Somatostaina Lyomark® and Octreotride Lyomark®

And we kept going. In 2012, we signed an exclusive representation agreement with ASPEN HOLDINGS, for their products Alkerana®, Leukeran®, Myleran®, Puri-Nethol® and Lanvis®, further strengthening our portfolio of hematology and transplantation products.

In 2013 we took on a new commitment to growth. We recently signed an exclusive agreement with ONYX PHARMARCEUTICALS INC. for the distribution of their Kyprolis®, product, which will provide an alternative treatment for patients with relapsed and/or refractory multiple myeloma. Onyx Pharmaceuticals Inc., which was taken over by Amgen in October 2013, is operating as a subsidiary under a distinctive business model. Based in San Francisco, California, Onyx Pharmaceuticals is a global biopharmaceutical company engaged in the development and commercialization of innovative therapies to improve the lives of people with cancer. This company is focused on developing novel medicines that target key molecular pathways. For further information about Onyx, visit the company's website:

Driven by a strong desire for progress and improvement, Varifarma currently has manufacturing facilities for both solid and injection pharmaceutical dosage forms. These include the development of hard capsules, tablets, coated tablets, blister packaging and final conditioning processes, as well as pharmaceutical forms (liquid and lyophilized) for injection. Furnished with the latest equipment, our manufacturing facilities meet and comply with the good manufacturing practices (GMP) guidelines set by ANMAT, thus ensuring the quality of our products right from the start.

Nothing would ever be possible without the efforts and commitment of our professionals who perform their daily tasks with the sole purpose of providing high quality products.

A sales force committed to the practitioner, supported by a management structure dedicated to delivering customer satisfaction, ensures the achievement of our proposed objectives. We know that training is crucial for the development and retention of personnel, which is why Laboratorio Varifarma encourages the ongoing training of its staff.